Investment costs

Graphical comparison of specific investment costs for radiant heating system

WH units are the most affordable radiant heating system. Thanks to their construction, they are usable not only in new buildings, but also in the reconstruction of existing buildings. They are a cost-optimal solution suitable for commercial applications as well as EU-funded projects. The supply of WH infrared heaters represents a functional tested product with the final price of the investment. Compared to wet-built radiant systems, it does not require subsequent hidden construction costs. The current price list is available on request.

Energy savings and primary energy consumption in WH system compared to commonly used radiant heating systems

Graphical comparison of accumulation of heating systems during heating

Graphical representation of the influence of the accumulation load on the indoor temperature ϴr for WH - water infrared heaters and  Plasterboard ceiling heating system.

With its minimal accumulation load, the WH system enables energy-efficient use of heat profits to heat passive buildings. Compared to systems with a large accumulation load, it significantly reduces energy costs and primary energy consumption for heating passive objects. In extreme cases, compared to a floor heating system in concrete or an Thermally activated building structure TABS, heat savings can reach up to the entire volume of heat profits at 80% of the building's heat consumption.

Cost of maintenance  WH water heaters

WH units do not require any special maintenance.  For the maintenance and cleanliness of the equipment are used commercially available brushes for dry cleaning methods. Units cleaning can be done by any system owner at no cost for external services.

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